Parking Garages

Youngstown State M2 Garage Renovation

Contract Size: 2.9 million

Location: Youngstown State University

Scope: Demolition of pre-cast concrete ramps. New cast-in-place ramps, concrete repairs, joint replacements, traffic membrane, pre-cast panel replacements, door and curtain wall replacements, lighting, plumbing, fire suppression.

Engineer: Carl Walker, Inc.

University of Akron Parking Deck Repairs

Contract Size: 1.8 million

Location: The University of Akron

Scope: Restoration to eight university garages. Work included concrete repairs, joint replacements, traffic membrane, staircase replacements, guardrail, plumbing, lighting, painting, and facade renovation.

Engineer: THP Limited Inc.

City of Cleveland Parking Deck Repairs

Contract Size: $900,000.00

Location: City of Cleveland

Scope: Restoration to four city garages. Work included concrete repairs, joint replacements, traffic membrane, post-tension repairs, sealants, crack injection.

Location: Engineer: Osborn Engineering

Water and Wastewater


Contract Size: 2.0 million

Location: City of Cleveland

Scope: Repairs to four final clarifiers. Work included installation of new baffles, weirs, walkway bridges and drive motors, along with modifications to rake arms. Additional scope included concrete repairs, polyurea liner system to exterior walls and troughs, and steel painting.

Engineer: NEORSD

City of Cleveland Parma In-Ground Water Storage Tank

Contract Size: $400,000.00

Location: City of Cleveland

Scope: Repairs to interior concrete surfaces, along with application of capillary waterproofing to submerged concrete. Additional scope included application of polyurea to all expansion joints, along with application of penetrating corrosion inhibitor to concrete surfaces.

Engineer: City of Cleveland

City of Cleveland Morgan Water Plant

Contract Size: $2.2 million

Location: City of Cleveland

Scope: Concrete repairs to 28 filter basins and pipe galleries. Application of Polibrid high-build liner system to 28 filter basins, along with exterior masonry tuckpointing and sealant replacements.

Engineer: CH2MHill

NEORSD Pump House East Bank Flats

Contract Size: $150,000.00

Location: City of Cleveland

Scope: Installation of Polibrid chemical resistant plural component high-build liner system to submerged concrete surfaces in 60' in-ground pump station.

Railroad and Bridges

Norfolk Southern RR Federal Street Bridge

Contract Size: 2.9 Million

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Scope: Demo and removal of old train station and bridge. Installation of 140 ea drilled shaft for footer. Placement of 8ft thick- 18ft wide - 250 lf Cast-in-Place footer and 30ft high Cast-in-place concrete retaining walls. Fill and Install new tracks

Engineer: Norfolk Southern RR

City of Lebanon Historic Arch Bridge Rehab

Contract Size: 1.0 Million

Location: Lebanon, Ohio

Scope: Restoration to 2 span concrete arch bridge. Work included deck removal, excavation of arches, concrete repair, epoxy injection and waterproofing or arches, backfill, new sidewalks, parapets, pavement, decorative handrail and guardrail, and cast-in-place retaining walls.

Engineer: City of Lebanon

Norfolk Southern RR Fort Wayne Flyover Bridge Rehabilitation

Contract Size: $1.1 million

Scope: Major Concrete repairs to Bridge Structure. Shore bridge. Remove and replace 15 ea concrete columns. Remove and replace 4,000sf concrete deck. Repair concrete patches with 6,000sf shotcrete. Epoxy injection repair to structural cracks. Installation of new handrail. Deck Waterproofing.

Engineer: Norfolk Southern RR

Belmont CR 56-33.03 Design Build

Contract Size: $500,000.00

Location: Belmont County

Scope: Design/build 120' 2 span box beam bridge replacement on drilled shaft caisson foundations with cast-in-place backwalls and pier cap. Additional scope included waterproofing, paving, and guardrail.

Engineer: SMCI and R.E. Warner and Associates, Inc.

ODOT Route 40 Blaine Bridge

Contract Size: 2.0 Million

Location: St. Clairsville, Ohio

Scope: Rehabilitation to existing 11-span open spandrel concrete arch bridge. Work included new concrete overlay, parapet replacement, 14,000 SF shotcrete repair and resurfacing, sealing of all concrete surfaces, and repair of expansion joint devices.

Engineer: TranSystems, Inc.


1. Featured at Ohio Transportation and Engineering Conference For Historic Bridge Rehab.

2. Received Honorable Mention Award from American Shotcrete Association

Norfolk Southern RR Replacement of Bridge Structure St. John, IN

Contract Size: $900,000.00

Location: St. John, IN

Scope: Replacement of Concrete Span Bridge. Shore Existing Bridge for live load train traffic during project. Demo and removal of sub-structure. Drill Caissons for abutment footers. Install new cast-in-place concrete abutments. Install Z-pile for face of wing walls. Install new cast-in-place concrete wingwalls. Install new concrete footer. Remove existing bridge span. Install precast concrete bridge deck and parapets. Waterproof bridge deck and install ballast and new track panels.

Engineer: Norfolk Southern RR

Drilled Shafts

Norfolk Southern RR Retaining Wall Freeburn, Kentucky

Contract Size: $2.3 Million

Location: Freeburn, KY

Scope: Installation of 2600LF retaining wall. Demo and remove existing retaining structure. Installation of 260 ea drilled shaft concrete footers with H-pile. Installation of precast concrete lagging. Installation of 260 ea tie-back soil nail anchors. Back fill. Installation of new asphalt access road.

Engineer: Norfolk Southern RR

ODOT 080185 SUM-82-4.14

Contract Size: $350,000.00

Location: Macedonia, OH

Scope: Completed installation of 5,400LF of 42"-48" diameter drilled shafts thru wet sands and silts and into very stiff glacial till material at 65'-70' from existing grade. temporary casing was used at all drill locations and concrete was placed using a pumper truck.

Engineer: Ohio Department of Transportation


Plant Repairs

Alcoa 50 K press Foundation

Contract Size: $150,000.00

Location: Alcoa Cleveland

Scope: Demo existing press. Excavation and installation of reinforced cast-in-place foundation. Survey, set and grout new 50K foundation press.

Engineer: Alcoa

WCI Steel Caster Shutdown

Contract Size: $400,000.00

Location: Warren Ohio

Scope: Replace foundation under roll tables, and caster. Epoxy injection of existing foundation and concrete patching. Coating removal with walnut shells and placement of high-temperature epoxy liner system.

Engineer: WCI Steel


> DOT certified
> Federal Railroad Training
> OSHA Trained
> E-Rail Certified
> American Shotcrete Association Certified

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